Location: Baie Opoa, Raiatea, French Polynesia

Waking up the crew was a little harder than usual this morning due to our night out at the Huahine Yacht Club, which consisted of dancing, numerous games of pool with the locals, and eating really great coconut cake. After getting back on the boat, my brother Hayes and I decided to give everyone swing dance lessons. After an hour or so of trying to teach everyone, we realized that this was a good starting point, but we probably need more lessons in the future. Hoping dance lessons will become a new thing here on Argo.

Following our 7:30 am breakfast this morning, we immediately got to work on passage prep- raising the sails, putting our dive gear away, etc. We then set sail on our 6-hour voyage back to Raiatea. Although we were in Raiatea several days ago, we are getting to see another side of the island this time. Raiatea is known as the “Sacred Island” of French Polynesia. The views here will never get old. As we all showered in the ocean after cleaning our bunks (and finally switching out our sheets), we got to watch another amazing sunset. Argo got some love as well today, as we cleaned bow to stern to prep her for the arrival of our new crew members, who will be joining us on Monday. Dinner was eggplant parmesan, pasta, and some salad. The “squeeze” question that I asked everyone tonight was, “What is one of your instant joys?” Our answers ranged from people’s dogs to mac and cheese to catching fish.

We look forward to another incredible day tomorrow as we finish up our time in French Polynesia!
PS Happy Father’s Day!!!! (Please give Buck and Koda hugs for me)