Location: Uturoa, Raiatea, French Polynesia

First off, Happy Father’s Day to everyone back home from the whole crew of Argo (note from Lindsay: apologies for the error last Sunday, let’s just say we’ve been celebrating our dads all week)! Special shout out to Brian, who would enjoy being here almost as much as I am.

Today everyone got a chance to go diving. Now that the Open Water divers have caught up with most of the rest of the boat, the Advanced Open Water and Rescue divers have started their training. While the other groups were out diving, we went ashore to check out the Taputapuatea marae, the second most important archeological sight in Polynesia, after Easter Island. Legend says (and archeological record supports) that the Polynesian voyagers who discovered Hawaii and New Zealand left from this sight. We walked through the buildings where those vessels were built and launched. It was pretty much Moana, except nobody was singing.

This afternoon, the final three crew members arrived on board. Welcome, JJ, Olivia, and Adrienne! We are all very jealous of your suitcases full of clean clothes.
Now I’ve got to leave because I’m holding up the Marine Biology exam. They turned the air conditioning on, so I’m expecting pretty high scores.