Location: Baie Teruaupai, Tahaa, French Polynesia

This morning I witnessed the beautiful sunrise in Raiatea. After breakfast, we went on shore for some free time, which of course, included stocking up on snacks at the supermarket. We returned to the boat for hummus wraps and then set sail (although not literately) for Tahaa. On the way, we had a navigation class, which included learning the correct way to return back into the ocean from the harbor. Afterward, we had some free time while Charlotte and Katie did their swim test for their Dive Master course. The rest of us hung out on the bow, and Ian and Blake played a game of chess… which Blake won. For dinner, we ate pasta, sausage, and broccoli. For my squeeze question, I asked: “what is your most useless talent?” The responses were nothing short of entertaining. Some were able to do the waves with their fingers and do the human jump rope. After dinner, we had brownies to celebrate Katie’s 19th birthday. Overall, it was a fun day on Argo and ended with a leadership class.