Location: Sardinia

What a great day in Italy! It was our first whole day in Sardinia! We started off the day scuba diving with some of the people who didn’t get to complete their open water or advanced certifications back in the BVI. Everyone else got to do some fun dives! Which lived up to their name of being super fun! There was sea grass, sea stars, sea cucumbers, and many fish spotted on these dives, along with really cool rock formations and a dance party or two thrown in the mix. Heather dove with Gigi, Mal, Zoe, and myself; Amanda dove with Sage, Duncan, Tia, Annie, Sydney, and Natalie; Calum dove with Max, Abi, and Jack. We also had some great cheffing by Laura, Sage, and Amanda, making us nachos for lunch which was extra good after diving all morning, and ratatouille stew for dinner. In the afternoon, we dinghy-ed into a beach through all of the crazy European boaters who don’t know their colregs- classic. After dinner clean-up, we moved across the channel to a different anchorage for new dive sites for tomorrow. Dodging boats was really fun, and all of us were on the lookout. Calum was great on the helm, and before long, we were re-anchored for another night of anchor watch.
As always, we miss you all from your favorite ship in the Mediterranean.
P.S the starfish’s name is Steven