Location: Underway to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

G’day, the morning began with a quick sunrise dip in the crystal clear oceans amongst some inquisitive sharks. Following breakfast, Argo was meticulously prepped, under the eagle eye supervision of yours truly for her, arguably, the most grueling passage of the semester, a possible 17 consecutive day sail across the Indian Ocean to the island of Mauritius no big deal! There was definitely an air of excitement amongst the crew as preparations were made to set sail. Argo was eventually cleared around 13:00, leaving us free to depart the tropical paradise of Cocos Keeling, but only after Australian customs had a good chuckle at some of the crew’s passport photos. With the islands disappearing beyond the horizon, there is definitely a feeling of being locked in a time lounge with an endless supply of rolling swells and strong ocean breezes. Mauritius seems an eternity away- bring it on!