Location: Falmouth, Antigua

After an afternoon and night of sailing, we finally made our way back to Antigua! We arrived at approximately 9:30 this morning at Falmouth Antigua. Besides our arrival and anchor, this morning was not too eventful. The majority of our crew hopped into bed for some much-needed rest upon our arrival. Around 11:30, I began to wake up all of those from the last watch who were still catching some Zzzzs.
Once everyone was up, we headed on deck for some wonderful lunch prepared by Lucy, Quinn, and Lucia. After lunch, we had our final Oceanography lecture! With perfect timing, as always, right as class began, our batteries were full, and the blessed air conditioning was shut off. The class was a bit toasty, but nonetheless, we had a great time learning about human impacts on the environment and the most significant impacts of climate change. After class, we had a mini Boat Appreciation (BA) just to clean up our living quarters after a wet/ hot voyage. Our goal was to make the boat “livable” until our last BIG BA. After our BA, we all took some much-needed showers after our passage. Once again, Lucy made her Tortilla Soup that was a massive hit last time. It was just as amazing and, if not better, this time around! Right after dinner, Ash gathered all of our student passage leaders and presented them with the very prestigious SPAM tin award. We all left dinner with happy and full tummies to clean up and get some rest.

Photo 1: Ostar underway
Photo 2: Spam Award recipients
Photo 3: Eamon happily receiving his spam award
Photo 4: Steff and Teddy enjoying some hot cocoa!
Photo 5: Lucy and Quinn with their tortilla soup!
Photo 6: Our amazing passage leaders