Location: Underway to the Azores

Watch team 3 ended their 4:00-8:00 watch with a welcome sight of the sun after multiple days of dense fog and soggy foulies. We originally thought there might be a storm coming around late morning but were pleasantly surprised by an early morning rainbow instead! Everyone is starting to get into the routine of crazy watch/sleeping schedules, and the crew is becoming more lively by the day as we all conquer our seasickness. A few of our favorite games to help us stay alert at all hours of the day have been “pancake or waffle” as well as “contact” and, of course, the enthusiastic consumption of delicious boatmeal.

After an eventful night and early morning for all watch teams, we all enjoyed a hearty lunch of lentil soup with an optional side of PB sandwiches, both of which were incredible. Our afternoon consisted of oceanography and seamanship class down in the salon. The highlight of the class had to be the lab in which we used candy to demonstrate different types of sediment and then were able to consume our yummy science experiment. Seamanship never disappoints either. We have been learning our phonetic alphabets, and wow, it is lots of `foxtrot uniform November! Classes ended around mid-afternoon, and then we were free to work on homework, nap, or hang out on deck. The weather was absolutely incredible, and everyone in the cockpit as well as on bow watch could not stop laughing.

The chefs impressed once again at dinner with a warm tortilla soup, after which we ended our day with a squeeze as everyone considered what band, past or present, they would like to join.

Argo has made it about a third of the way to the Azores, and passage life keeps getting better by the day.

1. early morning rainbow
2. fun times in class!
3. Argo and the bright blue sky

Current position: 40*16.70′ N, 58*09.01′ W