Location: Cape Town, South Africa

The South African morning sun bathed Argo in yellow light as we all rose for a 7 am breakfast. With dreary, crusty eyes, we gorged our salivating food holes with scrambled eggs and other general breakfast items. After a raging clean-up session, we began walking at a brisk pace to the Robben Island ferry. We were met at the station by a line, and following a 20-minute wait, we boarded the ferry and headed towards the island. The ride was windy, crowded, and wet- everything one would hope for from a ferry ride. Upon arrival, we all filed out of the boat and straight into a bus for a sitting tour of the entire island. The tour guide pointed out all the sights and gave a brief history of everything with some sharp wit. The bus dropped us off at the prison, where we were met by a former prisoner of Robben Island. Though we all tried to stay cheerful, being in such a gruesome jail was very sobering. Our guide walked with us, recounting his experiences of the human rights abuses and explaining how he was able to stay alive in such a horrible, morally desolate place. Around 1, we jumped back on the ferry and ate lunch back on Argo. It took a hearty lunch, a trip to the head, and a nap to drain the lingering gloom. At 330 sharp, we started the first OCE class with a delectable dinner following. Argo is getting scrubbed and beautified now before our next class starts.