Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Today started at 07:00 with a great and hearty breakfast of cookies (no parents) made by our very own two lovely Rabbits. After a-nothing but a perfect night out last night at Shirley Heights, I think the crew was very happy with our new location in Antigua. After breakfast, we all mustered down in the saloon for our final OCE class. All five groups made their presentations that we’ve been working on since practically day 1. With some more in-depth than others, I think as a whole, we have all enjoyed our time in OCE and learned many new and important things thanks to our amazing teacher Kimi. After presentations, Smudge opened the final barbershop, and a bunch of us freshened up before the end of the program in 4 days. Our group split up for a little bit as well. Some went on our final dive (which I heard they had a blast), while others ventured off and enjoyed some shore time. I found myself getting large amounts of lunch and multiple Mango-Banana smoothies with Claire, Aika, and Benji while others enjoyed the Rabbit’s homemade roasted veggies and rice. The day was concluded with a squeeze of us all reflecting on what we all love most about Argo. As I write this, people are finishing clean-up and preparing for our final OCB Exam, which also concludes our Final Academic adventure aboard Argo.

I want to take a moment to reflect on my own personal journey with Argo and the 25 other individuals who I have come to know as my family. Since we sailed up to Antigua, and especially since yesterday morning when we docked in Nelson’s dockyard, I have felt a great deal of sadness to be leaving my new home and life. It feels as though we all just came aboard in Capetown; these three months have disappeared so fast, and we all have grown and learned so much. I look back at myself three months ago and see tremendous differences. I can look around during dinner and see the faces of 25 individual people who have overcome great achievements, done great things, and learned so much in these past three months, but I’ve also begun to see one cohesive family. I personally have come to love every single person aboard this boat and will miss them all dearly. That being said, one of the most important things Argo has taught me is to live in the moment. Enjoying where I am and who I am with. So, I am going to do that for whatever time I have left here. I encourage all of you reading this to think about this. Are you truly present? Is your mind always somewhere else? Do you take a moment and enjoy where you are and who you are with? From now on, everywhere I go, I will be more attentive to the moment I am in so I don’t miss out on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I encourage you all to do the same with your everyday life.