Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Today’s the day: Navigation Exam Day! Stomachs full of brain food after a delicious full English breakfast, the crew of Argo was split into three groups in which they would sit their Navigation Master exam. As the first round of test-takers took their places in the saloon, it was all hands on deck for everyone else as we pulled up anchors and headed out around the corner to anchor at Nelson’s Dockyard, the final location at which the SOM15 crew will depart. For the final time of this semester, fenders were inflated, and dock lines ran as Argo, shiny from yesterday’s BA (boat appreciation), found her spot on the dock. Throughout the day, students rotated through their exams, taking showers and exploring Antigua for the first time. Nelson’s Dockyard is quite an exciting place to explore and is, in fact, the Gregorian-era dockyard still operating today. Today also marked the sad but necessary process of the start of bags being packed. Duffle bags and gear bags have found their home in Argo’s bilges back in Cape Town and, for the first time since then, are being drawn out and filled, maybe a little fuller than they arrived. The laz is slowly being emptied of dive gear, and bunk bags now hang near-empty save a few shirts. It is bittersweet finally being in Antigua as it has been high on everyone’s list of places to look forward to, but our arrival here also puts into perspective the nearing of the end. In order to try and soak up every last minute of this adventure, the crew of Argo headed up to the famed Shirley Heights for dinner and to watch the sunset on another fantastic Sea|Mester day.