Location: Charlestown, Nevis

After a typical wake-up call of 7:15 in the morning, the shipmates prepared to go ashore on Nevis to visit a lady named Barb. Barb is a marine biologist who runs a touch tank with local critters in it. First, we visited Barb’s home and listened to her informative talk on marine invertebrates, going over the basics of many of the phyla. During this time, Snowball (her dog) also enjoyed the attention from the shipmates. We soon went down to the touch tank and got to pick up some live animals. Barb had many interesting animals, including things such as; sea urchins, queen conchs, sea stars, and even juvenile turtles. It was nice for the shipmates to hear the invert talk and actually touch some live Caribbean animals. The afternoon consisted of catching up on some classwork before dinner and a first aid/CPR class following dinner. As we wrap up the night, I’m sure most onboard are eagerly awaiting our passage to Grenada.

Until next time this is your skipper, Casey Jones, signing out...