Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Today was probably one of my favorite days I’ve had so far since I’ve been on the boat. I got to wake everybody up, which is always fun, and for breakfast, we had instant oatmeal, which I hadn’t had in forever. Most people had left by 10 AM, which was nice, so it was only me and two other people. We took our Open Water Dive 4 and our Final PADI test to be certified in Scuba Diving. We left for Charlestown, Nevis right after that, and everyone met up and had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant and got vanilla ice cream. Emily, Phil, Charlie, and I all got picked up by Barry, an awesome taxi driver, and went horseback riding for a couple of hours. We ended up finishing horseback riding at about 5:10. Barry got us back to the dock at 5:30, and we took the dingy back to the boat. We went out for dinner and had a night out for the second time.