Location: La Napole

Today we awoke to our first fire drill at 0630, which had us all on deck within 3 1/2 minutes. After our awakening, we raised anchor in Villefranche and started motoring to Cannes. Under way, we had an amazing breakfast prepared by chefs Colleen and Jay. Also underway, we had our first dive chat and also learned more about our oceanography course. As we entered the anchorage of Cannes, we were shocked to see the mega-yachts and long beaches. Our crew went ashore and split up, some going to the beach and others exploring the streets of Cannes. We went back to our boat by 1600 and motored to La Napole, where we had dinner and prepared the boat for tomorrow’s sail. We then had a line handling exercise and pin rail chase. At the end of the night, we celebrated Bastille Day by setting off some bottle rockets off the stern, but these were nothing compared to the multiple fireworks shows that we enjoyed later in the night.