Location: Villefranche and Monaco

Today started out well compared to the difficult time we all had waking each other for anchor watch. The chefs set out cereal and such for breakfast, and we went right into our first oceanography class, which people seemed to like. We left promptly for the oceanography museum in Monaco, which pleasantly surprised people – they seemed to not get enough of the turtle and sharks in the aquarium. We left a few hours later to watch the changing of the guards at the Palace where we lost half our group in the crowd of tourists. After exploring glitzy too-rich-for-its-own-good Monaco, we back to a quick shower and ended up goofing around until dinner. I’m really happy people are becoming way more relaxed with each other, and everyone is clicking well thus far. The question at dinner was to tell an embarrassing or life and death story that brought out some surprise and laughter.