Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island, BVI

The rest of the crew woke up just after sunrise to a bitter sweet moment of our final destination emerging in the horizon. We left the British Virgin Islands as strangers and now as we sailed back into those very same waters, we are returning as a united crew. As a crew, we let down the sails with ease and efficiency compared to those first few days full of clumsy confusion. We definitely found their sea legs. As soon as our anchor ball was secured in Virgin Gorda, we took ate a quick breakfast and headed to the Baths. The Baths are a spectacular collection of volcanic rocks that have created a system of caves in inlets perfect for exploration. We climbed, jumped, stumbled and laughed our way up the rocks to an gorgeous 360 degree look out. For the look out, we ventured down to the lower rocks to cliff jump. Once back on the boat we scarfed down a satisfying lunch and motored to The Salt Islands for our final scuba dive. The dive site was an old British cargo ship that was pushed against the rocks during a hurricane. All the newly certificated open water divers explored the stern of the boat, which is submerged in about 30 feet of water. A huge propeller and a portion of the haul are now teeming with life and vivid corals. It was like nothing we had ever seen before. Each of us emerged from the water with bright smiles and heavy hearts as we realized this would be our last dive together. The advanced divers were able to explore the bow of the boat, which is submerged in 70 feet of water. We returned to the boat with the boom swing out and ready for use. The boom swing is in all the Seamester videos so needless to say we were all excited to finally has our chance to try it. I have watched the video numerous times so I was fully confident in my ability to stick the landing and have a perfect first jump. My overconfidence got the best of me and on my first jump “gracefully” back flopped and emerged from the water with a red back and a serious need for a redemption swing. My back flop was soon forgotten when Ally attempted a backflip and instead went face first in the water. Others like Alex, James and Smudge executed flawless backflips with style and ease. After a satisfying shower off the boom swing, we had a great final boat dinner and ending the night with the traditional closing program. Today was a wonderful day of laughter and fun as we emotionally prepare for our final day tomorrow.