Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

This morning we wake to the glorious sight of the Dutch Caribbean and Saba Island. It IS sheer on all sides. However, some of its most spectacular sights are underwater and today was a double dive day on what has been a Marine National Park since 1987. A new experience for us on this trip diving with a contractor and certainly an exciting one with turtles feeding, sharks and crazy swim throughs. The confidence that Will, Gigi, Leah, Bryn, Gus, Lina and Ally all have when diving is testament to their learning ability, having only taken their first breaths underwater just a couple of weeks ago. But today has another great importance in that we set sail back to where it all began this evening, the British Virgin Islands. For Ocean Star its a homecoming and for the students aboard its a full circumnavigation of discovering, exploring and learning something about the total group of strangers you decided to jump on a boat with. Fair winds to us all both now and in the future, nothing can stop the positivity and strength of this crew.