Location: Tobago Cays

The morning started with an incredible breakfast of banana bread courtesy of the talented galley crew (Sam, Grace, JJ). After clean-up, we were tasked with prepping the boat for a short 4-hour passage from Bequia to Tobago Cays. This consisted of lots of deck and saloon checks, line coiling, and sail raising and was heavily slowed by the anchors becoming a tangled mess that took Amelia, Graham, Ash, Smash, Jaden, and myself over an hour to resolve.
By lunch, we were well on our way, motor sailing in cloudy conditions with occasional heavy showers that interrupted lunch. Lunch was Mediterranean bowls with sweet potatoes that were perfectly spiced and prepped to perfection that were soon turned to soup by the torrential downpour.
Our arrival at Tobago Cays was met with shouts of excitement as everyone had been looking forward to our first sign-out day for 3 weeks. We boarded Irv and headed onto the beach for the beach BBQ. Whilst waiting for food, the guys and grace made friends with another party spending the evening there and challenged them to a game of football (Soccer). After a hard game, it ended with the scores at 3-5 to our new friends. This unfortunate loss was followed by some intense ultimate Frisbee led by Graham before we were called over for dinner.
Dinner was a beautiful banquet cooked by our island host, with all manners of tasty morsels such as BBQ chicken legs, fish, steamed rice with potato peels, and even dairy and gluten-free options for Sam and Ash. This was followed by a sunset dip and more ultimate Frisbee which soon turned sour as Graham, Jaden, and I challenged Joel to a wrestling contest. We did win in the end, but only after 2 or 3 minutes of being thrown around like rag-dolls. Not long after, Smash arrived in Irv to come to take us back to the boat, where we had a big celebration filled with music, dancing, and the salty shower for the day. After almost 2 hours of partying, things settled down, and we hit the hay, ready for the next big day.