Location: Tobigo Cays, Grenadines

How is it already day 22??

To wake everyone up, the day started with some Jack Johnson tunes and breakfast bagels made by Teagan, Kris, and Eitan. I feel like it’s important to note that somehow, someway, everyone was up on the deck and ready for breakfast by 7:20 this morning (a very rare occasion on Ocean Star these past few weeks)! After breakfast, we had a Seamanship class with Smash and learned how to calculate the drift and set of currents based on given coordinates and dead reckoning (see picture 2).

Lunch made by our chefs was definitely a highlight of my day. They whipped up some delicious 5 (or 8?) cheese stuffed shells, and picture four doesn’t do the meal justice. In the afternoon, we snorkeled to a nearby island. The amount of sea turtles we saw were totally rad, dude (I spotted both Crash and Squirt hanging out in the seagrass). Graham, Max, and Jaden were very proud of the giant sticks they found while we were exploring the island, so we did the only logical thing to do – attempt to build a beach fort with them. While it looked like a scene from Lord of the Flies to all those watching from the boat, it can be better described as Lord of the Fleas. As we ended up ditching the fort idea and burying the three guys instead, the fleas were not happy about the intrusion into their home.

The day ended with stir fry and a beautiful sunset for our last night in Tobago Cays. I’ll miss the brightest blue waters I’ve ever seen, but can’t wait to spend more time exploring St. Vincent over the next couple of days!

Hello and hugs to everyone back in Charleston!!

– Captain Jackie

Photo Captions:
1. Joel looking off in the distance during sunset
2. Navigation class!
3. A windblown Amelia
4. Stuffed shells and a looming crow waiting its turn for lunch too
5. Chloe C. taking a midday nap
6. Snorkeling adventures ft. Maria
7. Seagrass
8. Meg overlooking the blue waters of Tobago Cays
9. Rocking hunting with Maria
10. More island pictures
11. Graham, Max, and Jaden with their giant sticks
12. See? We really did look like a scene from Lord of the Flies