Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

Howdy, everyone, this is the ghost of skipper Krispy’s past. There has been a murder, more specifically mine, and each photo depicts a suspect. The day started off calm, with a clear view of the sunrise. People were woken up to the smell of freshly made biscuits, gravy, and brownies. Courtesy of Jaden and the galley crew, as well as Grace for the brownies. Don’t worry. There was a very important reason for this outlandish mix. It was Sam, or should I say Sashely’s birthday! Everyone sang happy birthday and dug into the food after we began passage prep and were even promoted from 3 sails to four. Only one more promotion until we can try to fly the elusive fisher sail. The rest of the day went at a slow place with most of the crew napping, with the exception of waking up to a delicious vegetarian chicken salad ( I know it doesn’t make sense. We just go with it). Things began to heat up at dinner. Everyone got into character and began to introduce and interact with all of the new crewmates aboard. Everyone seemed suspicious, and figures began to be pointed when tonight’s squeeze question was who would be able to get away with murder. At around 8:30, after I was given my cup of tea by grape, I went to the bow to check on things where I fell overboard and was never to be seen again. I then watched from the other side Detective Sashely and the motley crew follows the clues to solving my murder. After plenty of laughs and a few more clues given from the other side, they found the murder. Can you guess who it was?

p.s Shoutout to Cleo and amelia for coming up with each person’s personality and helping me plan the murder mystery game!
p.p.s Hi family. I miss everyone and can’t wait to see everyone soon!


1: the sunrise
2: Noel – the intellect
3: chole – the opera singer
4: Aaron – the athlete
5: Old Man Gary – the old man
6: Ashefier Jones – the surfer
7: Jack – the jack of all trades
8: Grape – the hippie
9: Jenni: the professional boxer
10: Amelio: the 84-year-old man
11: Sara – the B-lister actress
12: Marabeth: the Southern Bell
13: Dr. Marge Mellow – The French doctor
14: Markles – the friendly ghost
15: Krispy – the skipper
16: Sashely – the detective
17: Theresa- the Wallstreet banker
18: Mason – the pastor
19: Amelia, Sophie, Meg, and Teagan during the passage
20: The murder mystery party begins