Location: Mayreau, SVG

Today marked another special day in our newfound home. We woke up to
a delicious breakfast prepared by Dylan God Dilla, D-Money, or as I like
to call him, Dame Dilla, consisting of granola and yogurt. God Dilla
continued his stellar performance with two more yummy meals and a
fascinating marine biology class following a test on all things boats,
administered by Smash! Following lunch, the dinghies were dropped into the
water as a group of twelve motored over to the beach while the rest of the
crew stayed on Vela to get some extra work done. Ryan, who stayed on
the boat, described the time as peaceful and enjoyable because of the
low volume level in the salon and her ability to get some work and do her
laundry. On the other hand, Sharp described her time as filled with
separation anxiety from everyone on the beach. On the beach, Annika and
Alissa climbed up a tree and cracked open some coconuts: the juice was
quite delicious. It was very nice to get some time off to decompress this
afternoon, and we all took full advantage of it. I personally really enjoyed
hanging out with Issy on the beach.
On a deeper note, if there is one thing that we all have learned from being
on this trip, it is that we are able to adapt and live with the
challenges that come from living at sea. We owe much of this to the staff
who has helped us become comfortable and allowed us to experience so
many moments that we will think about for a long time. Each member of
this crew is special in their own way, and there is not a person, thing, or
covid test that will get in the way of us accomplishing something special
together while we live and appreciate every moment. A lot of people dont
appreciate their moment until its passed, but each day every person on
this boat challenges that. Until I am skipper again, I send Audreys positive
and loving energy to you all.

1. Le Champlain getting in our swing circle
2. Sharp crying from onions being cut while taking her seamanship test