Location: Mayreau, SVG

We had a nice start to the day with a little bit of a sleep-in until 7:30, which was a good change of pace from our normal 7 am wake-ups! Everyone was a little reluctant to get out of bed, but we managed to have our breakfast of biscuits on time. We had a relaxing morning with only marine bio after breakfast cleanup and a small chat about our group projects for oceanography with Carolyn. The rest of the morning was used for catching up on any work we had and chilling out. For lunch, we had some nice mac and cheese and then started to get ready for our challenge course! For the challenge course, we split into our watch teams to see who could finish the fastest and completed a few different things as our obstacles. We had to swim to Ocean Star, who is anchored next to us, in our Gumby suits, solve some riddles, get ourselves untied from a human knot, and figure out a way to use two fenders to get one of our members from the beach to a dinghy without getting them wet! Watch team 1 (specifically Annika) set up a diversion in the road labeled hint to try and trick the other watch teams that passed on the way to some of the challenges. It was all a super fun experience, and a little friendly competition is good every once in a while. After everyone finished the course, we got back to Vela and were able to have some time to ocean shower and be a little productive if we needed before dinner. For dinner, we had an amazing chicken caesar salad and some MandMs for dessert! We were able to find out what the times for the challenge course were; watch team one finish first, watch team 3 (pickle watch) finish at a really close second, and watch team two finish third. The whole day was super fun, and Im so glad that we were able to do the challenge course!