Location: Palmetto Point, Barbuda

Today was our first day in Barbuda. We started the morning with a class in physical oceanography followed by a basic seamanship class which filled us in on the wonders of heavy weather. Some of us chose to brush up on our natural gifts of amazing wind surfing skills we had discovered earlier in the trip. The wind was rough and unforgiving, yet it was a good morning, and we headed in just before lunch. Following a delicious lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup, which always proves to be one of the better lunches, we hopped aboard the dinghies and headed in to the perfect beach that Barbuda is known for. We spent the afternoon sailing kites, and building sand castles, and some of us headed down to the point to body surf, which led to much scratches and swallowed salt water. We ended the day by preparing ocean star to sail us to St. Barths the following day.