Location: Palmetto Point, Barbuda

Today began early with the sunrise. After dropping Travis off ashore to return to the States, we slipped our dock lines and motored out into the calm seas outside of English Harbour. We enjoyed some cereal and then broke into watch teams, with Watch Team 2 starting things off. The motor was calm until we passed the western part of Antigua when the wind strengthened and the seas built. Most of my watch was spend battling head-on into the waves, with our speed fluctuating between 3.5 kts and 5.5 kts. After lunch, watch team 1 took the deck, and miraculously the seas flattened, and we continued our motor towards Barbuda, claimed as the last frontier. We arrived at Palmetto Point at 15:30. After a deck wash and shower time, we enjoyed Reese and Monika’s Mexican lasagna. We will finish off the day with a Marine Biology class on the Open Ocean before resuming anchor watch again after many days on the dock.