Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Today we enjoyed another amazing day in Saba! We started the day with a quick breakfast of Smashs delicious coffee cake, then set out for a busy day. Half the group finished their advanced diving certification with a deep dive. They saw not one but two sharks! They also saw sea turtles, parrotfish, radiolarians, and so much vibrant coral.

Meanwhile, the other half of the group enjoyed shore time exploring Saba. We started with a surprisingly smooth wet entry to shore via dinghy, then climbed 500 stairs up the mountain to a town. The hike into town just wasnt enough, and Sydnei, Dylan, Annika, Anna, and I embarked on a trek to the highest point in the Netherlands. We saw so many cool jungle plants, and although the view from the top was covered in fog, we had so much fun. After the hike (which included 1000 more stairs), we explored the town a bit and then made our way to JoBean glass shop so the Bean Team could make beads with Jo Bean. Anna, Annika, and I got a bit lost on the way and ended up climbing another huge hill, but eventually found the way to Ms. JoBean, a sassy and eccentric woman who greeted us by yelling, sit down, beans! I had such a fun time talking with her and learning about bead making. Anna, Annika, and I all made beads for each other, which turned out gorgeous. After the bead-making, the three of us absolutely hooned down the mountain, down 500 stairs, and back to the dinghy. We had a slightly less graceful and more wet dinghy entry but made it back to Vela in time for dinner. After dinner, we had an exciting apple bobbing competition in the dishy pit. Chunks of floating carrots and black beans in the water were fierce, but the competition was fiercer. Nick won the coveted pink flag, Audrey was a close second, and Cora was a very close third. Today was such an amazing day, and although Im a bit sad to be leaving Saba tomorrow, were all super mega pumped for the BVI!

Peace out, beans,

Skipper Emma

1. Leaf people
2. Highest point in the Netherlands
3. Asking local goats for directions
4. JoBean showing the Bean the beads
5. Commitment
6. Dishy pit champions