Location: Underway to British Virgin Islands

We started our day bright and early at 6:30 AM to hoist ourselves back up the infamous Ladder to test our bodies for disease. To get to The Ladder, our entry to the beach is quite wet, and for those of us 5’4 and under, it’s always nice to start the morning with a clothed swim. As Issy and I mustered our womanly bodies up the mountain, taking a break on every 10th step, we couldn’t help but take in the breathtaking views Saba offered us. After our Covid tests, we made our way back down to Vela and started on passage prep for the journey to the beautiful British Virgins Islands. When booms were topped, and halyards were attached, we then began Marine Bio with Dylan, followed by Nav Master with Calum! It was our first time plotting points on our charts, and I feel like quite the master of navigation today. Once class was over, we began to set sail, and right as our sails were raised, we saw a small whale breaching not far off the port side of Vela. We all rushed to get a better view, but she decided it was time for her to dive deep into the depths of the Caribbean sea. For dinner, we enjoyed grilled cheese and tomato soup prepared by chef Jaycee, which, yes, I did accidentally flick on the main sheet (oops) (thanks, deckie team, for cleaning up all my messes today). All in all, a nice day, and we will miss you so much, Saba!
To my home- I miss you so much, but it’s 36 in Montana right now, which just isn’t my vibe! Madison- the barnacles, have only been scrubbed once, and the stars are aligning only in my mind.

1. Me, of course!
2. Me and the darlings after getting our schnozes swabbed
3. Peek-a-boo, Vela! We’re coming to haunt you
4. Us. After our womanly legs carried us up The Ladder.