Location: Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Today was a grand day! We made it successfully from Saba (shoutout to B-E-A-U-tiful Saba) via a relatively smooth downwind passage. Lots of stars but a squirrely helm made for a fun and active watch. After getting into BVI at Tortola in the morning, the students had an Excel lab in Oceanography class. Theyre currently learning how to both graphically represent and analyze their data for their group projects. Only a few more weeks to collect data and write up a report! While we waited for Tom to clear us in at customs-from-hell, lunch was served, but shortly after he returned, we motored on down to Normans Cay. The Leadership class continued with their presentations before a study hall filled the rest of the afternoon. A few of us took a break from the computers and hopped in for a freediving practice session on the anchor (anywhere further away from the boat, we may have been ran over by the copious amounts of dinghies and party boats zooming by). Everyone did so well with their breath-holds; more practice to come! The day concluded with a delicious spaghetti dinner accompanied by a more delicious sunset. Were all excited to spend some time here in the water. Happy days!

Enjoy these photos that I very much did not take (thank you, Issy, Ellie, Tolo, and Finn)
1. A little sunrise boat-to-bed climb
2. Allissas garlic bread = very yum
3. Freediving crew
4. Bowsprit-climbing crew
6. Sunset daze