Location: Pelican Island, BVI

Rise and shine!!! Today was an incredible day, to say the least.

We started our morning earlier than the sun on Norman Island. Whoever wanted to was able to wake up and leave the boat at 0530 to do a sunrise hike. It was absolutely beautiful, to say the least. Despite being a little difficult to find the start, the group prevailed and made it to the top of the hill. That left us nice and hungry for our granola and yogurt breakfast. We gobbled that up and got started with the rest of our day. We moved a stone’s throw away to the Indians, which is a nice dive site. Half of the students when diving in the morning, and half went in the afternoon. I was on the morning dive, and it was a lovely time. There were so many flamingo tongues!!! It was amazing. Each student took all of the skills and knowledge they have gained so far to lead the dives themselves. This meant that the students and their buddies went and explored all on their own. While not diving, the other half of the students watched the PADI rescue video since we’re getting started with rescue very soon.

We met up for lunch, and then the two groups swapped. Video watchers went on their own dives, and the morning divers watched their Rescue videos. Once everyone was done with their respective activities, we picked up anchor and moved over to Sopers Hole, West End. We anchored there, and everyone had a rapid shower in order to get onshore in time for our night out at Omar’s Fusion, a GXG favorite. The food was fantastic, and everyone had a lovely time. Once we were able to return back to the boat later that evening, almost everyone was exhausted from our activity-filled day and fell soundly asleep, excited for another great day tomorrow!