Location: Sandy Spit, BVI

Today was another amazing day on Vela! Everyone was woken up at our normal 7 AM, and we were able to have an optional breakfast onshore. Most everyone went on shore for breakfast, and we had a relaxing time eating very nice food. After everyone got back to the boat at around 9 AM, we moved the boat from our anchorage in West End to a small island called Sandy Spit. On the way over to Sandy Spit, we had an interesting marine biology lecture learning about the intertidal zone. Once we anchored near Sandy Spit, we had a nice lunch of Mac and Noodle (mac and cheese). After lunch, we continued to work towards our rescue diver certification by working on our surface skills with the worms (Sydnei – primary worm, Smash – secondary worm, and Dylan – tertiary worm). After we finished up our skills for the day, we were allowed to go over and have some beach time on Sandy Spit for a little while.

The group that went to the beach had tons of fun, and the best thing happened on our way back to the boat. A group of us were in the dinghy with Smash driving, and Smash asked us if any of us had ever done a backflip off of a dinghy before. She then stops the dinghy, and we immediately all jump/flip off the dinghy without hesitation. Smash then begins to drive away and laughs though she did come back for us, it was very funny. Once everyone was back on Vela, we moved back to West End to pick up Lizzie. On the way over, some of us took our rescue exam, and all of us passed! Lizzie was picked up at the dock and made it back to the boat with lots of smiles, hugs, and stories. We are all very glad to have her back with us! Carolyn then came back to the boat after a long day of provisioning for the next two weeks, and everyone worked together to get all of the food and supplies put away before dinner. We are always so grateful when Carolyn brings us back fresh food! Dinner was a delicious chicken Cesar salad, and for squeeze, we said our appreciations of the day and the silliest fact or thing that we believed when we were younger; all of the stories were very funny. The last couple of people doing the rescue course took their exams after dinner. Overall the day was awesome, and so many fun memories were made!