Location: BVI

We woke today anchored in West End, BVI. The deck was strewn with hair from some impromptu haircuts the night before, including a lone ponytail discarded on the aft deck. We picked up the hook and headed around to the Northern side of Tortola to dive in Muskmelon Bay. Finn and Jaycee presented a leadership class on the way, but when we arrived, a large swell had sprung up and was rolling into the bay, making it unsuitable as an anchorage. We pivoted and decided to head to the Baths instead, a formation of granite boulders tumbling into the sea on nearby Virgin Gorda Island. After lunch, everyone piled into the dinghies before swimming ashore with the surf still running high. The boulders make small bays and channels, caves, and paths where we explored and swam for the afternoon.

No sooner than the dinghies lifted out of the water, we were steaming away to Cooper Island to anchor for the night. As the sun goes down, some crew are cleaning up our dinner while others are preparing their tanks and dive kit for a night dive at a nearby rock formation. Such is life on board.