Location: Bequia, St. Vincent

Welcome to Bequia!!! Or is it Bequaaaa? Or, Bequifa? Or Equia? There are a lot of options, and I can tell you that most of the crew (Rae) don’t actually know where we have ended up.

Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time getting here. My morning started bright and early as we bounced off the dock just before 6 am. The sunrise was absolutely beautiful – a lovely pink and orange, and we got on our way without a hitch. After motoring out of the bay, I went to wake the remaining sleepers as we needed help getting the sails up. Little did they know, today we were going to have our first sail raise challenge – aka, we timed everyone getting all three boom sails up! Nothing like a good competition to motivate a group. Even if the competition is only with themselves/past groups, before today, we were taking about an hour to get all the sails up. But today, thanks (probably?) to the timer. We got them all up in 21 minutes!!!! Though not the record, that’s pretty dang good. Especially considering that it was 7:30 am, and they didn’t really have any prep time. To give you some context, here are some of the steps that go into raising all three boom sails:
1. Top the booms! Haul on the quarter lifts, and ease on the sheet.
2. Raise the sail! If you’re on the main, don’t forget to stretch out the jigger first (keep the downhaul made) – a classic step to forget. But then, haul on the halyard and ease on the downhaul! If you’re on the foresail, haul on both halyards (peak and throat) + don’t forget to have someone watching the beads (also an easy step to forget). Also, don’t let Ela tell you she’s on the port halyard because that doesn’t exist, especially if you’re raising the main, which only has one halyard.
3. Put the weight of the boom on the sail! Ease the quarter lifts and take in on the sheet.
4. Bear away!! Ease on the sheets as we bear away and head to wherever we’re going.

Easy peasy!! But actually, quite a lot of steps to do in just 21 minutes. I was very impressed.

I want to take a moment to interrupt your reading to let you know that Sarah just dropped the hose into the chart house. That’s right. The hose was inside the chart house. Where all the electronics are. And there’s not supposed to be much water…

Anywho, the rest of our day was spent sailing to St. Vincent – specifically the island of Bequia (it’s an island that’s part of the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines). So we are, in fact, in both St. Vincent AND Bequia simultaneously. This has been a tough one to grasp. Oh! And on the way here, Watch Team Two had Ostar going at 11.2 knots!! They have named themselves the roadrunners – beep beep. We were flying!! Or sailing… Whatever.

I hope everyone’s day was as good as ours!!