Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Photos 1, 2, and 3:
Above you will see Rae and Ela making the most of flat, stable docks with a morning yoga session! For Kelly, this morning was a full-body strength training kind of day with lots of pull-ups and carrying Ela around as a human weight.
Photo 4:
While some of the girls worked out, Alex, Fiz, and Sam were hard at work perfecting arepas. In case you forgot, last time Alex made breakfast, the propane leaked and had to be shut off before the arepas made it into the oven. Today, the propane worked flawlessly and cooked Alex’s delicious arepas perfectly! They were a huge success and a new Ocean Star favorite.
Photo 5 and 6:
After our incredible breakfast and cleanup, we headed to the salon for Oceanography. It was an eventful class with a quick study sesh thanks to Sam, a quiz, and a midterm review. In the photos above, you’ll see Fiz hard at work and Rae (sort of) hard at work. As you can see, we struggled withdrawing water molecules. We’re gonna work on that. And hello to Rae’s mom! Rae misses you and loves you! And to my mom, who I also miss and love!
Photo 7:
We took a quick intermission to enjoy BLT’s by Alex and banana bread by Kelly and Ela! Way to use those brown bananas!
Photos 8, 9, and 10:
We also had the luxury of a day filled with cold drinks from the marina! Mackenzie enjoyed a cold Dr. Pepper, Rae sipped on a juice, and Isaac had a fresh smoothie on deck.
Photos 11 and 12:
After lunch and cold drinks, we had a deck scrub led by our most dedicated deckie, Kelly, and did a little bit of passage prep for our St. Vincent tomorrow! We then took a short trip to the fuel dock and back, where many of us discovered we, in fact, did not know how to half hitch a line. So, as pictured in photo 12, boat master Kelly led us through a little half-hitching workshop. We would be lost without her!
Photos 13-19:
While the chefs continued their day by flipping burgers, the rest of us enjoyed a bit of free time. In photo 14, you’ll see Brett practicing his multitasking skills- writing Oceanography research methods and holding his phone between his toes. What a skill. Photo 15 shows Rae and Leilani’s grocery haul! Photo 16 shows a sneak peek of Sierra’s nighttime beauty routine, and photo 17 shows Mia’s return to the boat! Our resident cripple is back and better than ever! And to end the night, photo 18 shows Kelly setting dinner out and the sunset we watched as we enjoyed the last meal of the day together!