Location: Terre-De-Haut, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Today certainly started with a splash as Anya in her sleepy self at 5:20 am straight-up walked off the side of the boat. Now you would first think that she may be sleepwalking, but for the nine crew that dared, it was a 5 am wake up for a sunrise hike up the daunting peak we have been anchored under. On the grand scale of the world, it was a small peak, but early in the morning, it gave us a perspective of a tiny looking Ocean Star that we would not have seen otherwise. A stone tower stands at the top, clearly historical but bearing the scars of thousands of travelers that have gone before us who have scribed dates in the wall stretching over a century. It also shows how the modern world has gripped it with various antennas mounted on it as everyone seeks to be electronically connected. Nature, though still rules the roost as vegetation grows, the butterflies flutter, and goats make noise all around us. You have to be careful of your footing as the floor literally moves beneath you as some of the most mountainous hermit crabs crawl around, a thousand feet above the sea beneath. A sea that some chose to swim in and refresh afterward, just like Anya had done a couple of hours before
Exploring the small, sleepy, French Caribbean town in Terre-De-Haut was today’s main theme as we continue to explore the cultural diversity that the Caribbean Islands have despite being within sight of each other at times. Whether it be to stretch the legs, look for souvenirs, try different cuisine, or seek a connection to loved ones elsewhere, time ashore is always a fruitful exploration. It’s what sets this trip apart from many others, visiting and getting to see each of the islands on our own terms because, in part, they bring value to the time aboard and a realization of the bonds of a crew that has and continues to share so much. A realization that the two masts of that schooner out there in the harbor, silhouetted by the sunset, is ours and a place we can call ‘home.’