Location: Underway to Antigua

Today began with an early wake-up, followed by a quick raising of anchor and a 4-hour motor to Pigeon Island. It was there that we dove the reef, one of the reef’s cherished by the famous French explorer Jacque Cousteau, made evident by the large bust of him that we found at the bottom of the bay.
The reef was nothing short of gorgeous, teeming with life (including a sea turtle that some lucky divers got to swim with). After dinner, we quickly made sure the ship was ready for passage, raised anchor, and set our sails at around 8:00 for the 9-hour trip to Antigua. From what little we’ve heard of the place, it sounds like an area rich in Caribbean history, which will certainly be interesting for everyone to experience. The passage began in pitch dark, with a moonrise expected later in the night. The deep darkness made getting out of Guadeloupe a little challenging due to the fact that there were multitudes of lobster pots that we had to dodge. After heading into deeper waters and the threat of fishing pots diminished, we raised our sails and set a course to round the northern shore of Guadeloupe. The wind on the leeward side of the island was light and variable, but once we reached the northern coast, the wind filled in from the east, and we were able to trim sail to a close reach and to set course for English Harbor Antigua. At one point, we managed to hit nine point nine knots! At that speed, we expect to be there a little sooner than planned. Its a calm, clear, starry night, and Ocean Star is carrying us well. Next stop, Antigua!

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