Location: English Harbor, Antigua

We’ve reached the midpoint of our 40-day journey. Living on a boat for this long has deprived us of many everyday luxuries we’re used to having back home. Docked at a marina, I was able to utilize a bathroom on land for the first time in a long while. As I flushed the toilet instead of pumping the head, I realized that I do miss how much easier it is to live on land.
Yet that being said, I know that once this trip is over, I’m going to miss the things I’ve become accustomed to while living aboard a sailboat. Although its only been just over twenty days, the other students and I have begun to adopt Ocean Star as our temporary home. What makes this home so special is that it travels with us. This morning I awoke in a different country than the one I was in when I climbed into my bed. The scenery was different, but Ocean Star was still the same. Every time I go to my bunkroom after we’ve changed locations, I get the same feeling. I can’t believe that I never even had to pack, and all my stuff is still there. In addition, not only my stuff but also my bunk Ive been sleeping in every night is there too. Above deck, this feeling is intensified. For dinner, every night, we all sit around the table. I see the same faces of friends I made at the beginning of this trip with a new landscape behind them. We’re in a new place, but our temporary home has followed us.