Location: Palau

Today I woke up at the ripe hour of 7 am, which was, in fact, later than I was supposed to, but I still managed to wake everyone up before breakfast. Breakfast consisted of oatmeal as well as the option of cereal and almond milk. Once breakfast ended, we had our seamanship class with Gabe, and it was super awesome. After seamanship, we had leadership class with Tim, and we developed our boat’s Mission Statement. After the classes, we ate an amazing lunch which was miso soup (shout out to Chef Gabe). During lunch, Tim and I had a fun conversation about our skiing experiences. Once lunch was over, I got to go for a quick swim before having an amazing guest, Jen Koskelin-Gibbons, over for a lecture about the Palau pledge and how this country has pioneered conservation efforts for marine life and habitats. Then the crew had some free time to swim and do classwork. I had a very fun time joking around with my friends Bo and Preston, as well as having a group study sesh on the bow for leadership class. Dinner was once again another amazing meal crafted by Chef Gabe. Finally, I had a fun time joking around with Sydnei and Amelia in the chart house before writing this blog.

P.S shout out to Preston for the title inspiration.

1. The study sesh squad on the bow
2. A picture of tonight’s beautiful sunset in Palau
3. A hilarious picture of Preston
4. Margo’s catch of the day
5. Emma and I are in line for dinner
6. Matt and Bo posing in front of the beautiful sunset
7. An equally hilarious picture of Bo
8. Sydnei being goofy
9. Carolyn being even more goofy
10. Gordon and I post-shower
11. Chris and I right before dinner
12. Justin and I in the salon
13. Will, Carly, Matt, and I on deck
14. Jack and I are in line for dinner
15. Bo and I being silly
16. Whitney in the dish pit
17. Chloe and I in the chart house