Location: Les Saintes

It was a birthday bash today on Ocean Star as we celebrated Eli’s twentieth! This morning the first group of uncertified divers finished their confined diving skills while the other group stayed on the boat for a seamanship class and homework/free time. Some of us also brought out our hammocks for the first time to do some relaxing. After lunch, the next group of divers also finished their confined diving, and previously certified divers went for a leisurely snorkel and beach day. Everyone agreed that the water here was absolutely gorgeous, and the visibility was wonderful. Everyone got to see some new underwater creatures like Christmas Tree worms. My group attempted to play some underwater catch with a rock which turned out to be quite challenging. Issac even cleaned up the reef as he was snorkeling and managed to find Amanda’s hair tie! When we were all back together, we did some essay writing and then finished with some country karaoke before dinner. Tonight’s dinner was a delicious chili followed by special birthday brownies. Following dinner, we had a group check-in about life so far on the boat while watching the beautiful moonrise. The weather continues to be wonderful, and I am excited to explore more of the underwater life in Les Saintes. =D

Photo 1- Bearded fireworm photographed by Isaac
Photo 2- The birthday boy in his new hat
Photo 3- Bubble algae (it’s one of the largest single-celled organisms)
Photo 3- Blue tang surgeonfish and a spotlight parrotfish photographed by Isaac
Photo 4- smooth trunkfish, again, photographed by the incredible Isaac
Photo 5- Our beautiful confined water scuba spot
Photo 6- The birthday brownies!!
Photo 7- An enthusiastic singing of “happpy birthday” to Eli
Photo 8- Mia and Rae snorkeling
Photo 9- Blue striped grunt taken by Isaac
Photo 10- Our gorgeous anchorage
Photo 11- The harvest moon rise!
Photo 12- Some essay writing in the salon