Location: Norman Island

Today the whole crew woke up with confused faces because we only have one more day and we had to pack our bags. Everyone was thinking where did all this time go. Some are excited to leave some want to stay forever for me its bitter sweet cause I want to come home to my family and girlfriend but I am going to miss all my friends I made here for the past 40 days. I have wonderful memories with all of the crew from awesome cliff jumping in Saint Barths with captain Kev to adventure filled night passages with MJ and the watch Hawks. Working in sync with one another to raise the sails and cleaning every square inch of Oceanstar after every passage to make her look beautiful. We take lots of pride into this boat and it is going to be sad leaving her but we will all meet up soon in the Caribbean for an amazing family reunion cause that’s what we are here on Oceanstar a huge family. I would also like to add that we snorkeled through some awesome caves today just saying. But I should really start going down to the saloon for our closing program witch will be awesome because the staff put something really amazing together like a slide show or something that’s what I am thinking but I am not sure because it is a surprise.