Location: GHP, BVI

Today was the day we had all been waiting for. When we began our ambitious expedition 37 days ago, final exams seemed like the last thing we had to worry about. The hustle and bustle of daily life aboard a working schooner combined with the rigid schedule of the Seamester higher ups kept us on our feet as the days flew by. Each morning the skipper would run through the schedule, and we were never disappointed with what the day had in store for us. All the excitement and fun made it easy for us to ignore one crucial element of Ocean Star: it is actually a school. But sooner or later we had to face reality and prove on paper all the things we have learned thus far. After breakfast the crew spread out around the boat and took our oceanography final exam, followed closely by a celebratory swim. After a delicious lunch of pizza bagels (thanks again Laura) we got right back to work and started on the Navigation Master exam. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this test, let me fill you in. It is impossible. Add in strong gusts of wind, 90 degree heat and crowded, narrow tables and the chart work is infuriating. But as usual the crew of Ocean Star rose to the challenge and there was a shared sense of accomplishment during the late afternoon swims. We ate dinner out on deck as is tradition, and were joined by none other than Travis Yates who had many stories of past Ocean Star voyages. After yet another full day, you would think the crew would be winding down and getting ready for some much deserved sleep, but that would not be the Seamester way. As I write this, the crew is up on deck setting up dive gear and getting mentally prepared for our second night dive. That is all for now, the wreck Fearless awaits us.