Location: GHP

A goal of mine finally came true today. An idea that has been in the making for at least a year now, ever since I saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Most would agree that the closing credits dance scene is one of the coolest parts of that movie. The song they dance to is call Jai-ho which sounds a lot like Jibe-ho. For a long time now I’ve joked around that we as a crew should perform the same choreographed dance on board but call it Jibe-ho and film it while sailing to work in some jibes. I never really expected this to ever happen. But when you throw aboard a dance instructor and a crew that likes to dance, dreams can come true. Yesterday morning Ocean Star returned home to the BVI’s. As normal we were welcomed by an honor guard of dolphins to escort us in at 0800. By 1000 the crew was scrambling ashore at the Baths, possibly one of the most picturesque places in the world. After some play on shore we moved over to Salt island where the crew got to dive the famous HMS Rhone shipwreck. After everyone’s dive we moved yet again to our mooring in Great Harbor Peter. Also anchored in GHP were our sister ships of Action Quest. Our Jibe-ho dance has been in the works for quite some time now and the crew decided that they wanted to give Action Quest a grand production for our return home. As we turned the corner into GHP the crew lined up along the port rail. Music started as we approached the first vessel and the crew went into flawless dance routine. We weaved our way through the anchorage on parade with the music on loop performing 4 rotations of our dance past the Action Quest boats who all gathered around to see Ocean Star and her crew perform. I am proud to say the opening production of the first ever Jibe-ho was a massive success! A special thanks goes out to our two dance instructors, Serena and Jen and to the crew of Ocean Star summer 40 day 2011 for making a Captains ridiculous dream become reality.