Location: Les Saintes, Pain De Sucre

Ugh, another day on Ocean Star. Just an average day of sailing and diving, what a drag! How did we ever become so unfortunate to live out on the ocean spending our days exploring these waters? Friends back home are sitting in smelly classrooms while we’re hiking volcanoes, they’re hanging out with the same old people and we’re swimming with turtles and sharks. How lame are we? We spend all day discovering new secrets about the ocean and travel here to there at the mercy of the wind, how so very unlucky we are. So much torture! Just a bunch of kids spending 80 days in paradise with people who all share the same hobbies, what were we thinking? It’s not like we did anything cool today either, like, tripling anchoring to a rock, or scuba diving at night. We just spent the last hour swimming with fishys in a pitch black ocean, completing our Advanced Open Water certificate. Saw some interesting creatures like a nudibranch, slipper lobsters, puffer fish, and squids, eh, I guess they were kinda, sorta cool. Nah, I wish I was sitting at home cramming in homework for some boring class in the morning. Instead I’ll just go chill with some of the coolest people, brush up on some MTE skills and get sleep for another adventurous day yet again tomorrow. Ugh..