Location: Les Saintes

The sun was shining brightly as we munched on a lovely breakfast of eggs and bacon with a side of toast. We began our 46th day on Ocean Star by learning about estuaries with Jenny for OCB and then more about plotting courses on charts with Kevin and Eric for MTE. After the two classes, we ventured back onto the island for another day of exploration. Some of us wandered up to an old fort at the top of the hill while others went to the beach to play in the crashing surf. Some wandered the streets, taking in the scenery and making purchases of local goods. It was an enjoyable afternoon for us all, whatever our choices may have been. In the evening we enjoyed a fabulous meal of barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans cooked exquisitely by Phil and Arielle. The day ended with the first round of OCE Lit Review presentations. Overall, it was a lovely and productive day.