Location: Les Saintes

Today started off early for the guys, who were up at 6:45 hand washing all their smelly clothing from the rainy days in Dominica. After an OCB exam and an MTE class in the morning, the shipmates headed for shore to explore the beautiful and quaint town of Bourg des Saintes. The streets are lined with small shops and houses with red tile roofs, giving the town a look more akin to the Mediterranean than the Caribbean. In the afternoon, I along with a few others headed to a nearby shipwreck. Freediving in 20-35 feet of water, we discovered a very intact, fairly recently sunk inter island ferry which was a perfect playground for fish. Soon we were swimming all over the wreck, marveling at the sea life to be seen. After thoroughly exploring most of the wreck, we returned triumphant to Ocean Star for an amazing meal prepared by Casey and Devin of ginger sesame chicken with rice and a delicious cabbage medley.