Location: Mountain Point

*Knock Knock* – is that how one wakes up someone sleeping in a hammock? Honestly, I’m not 100% sure, but at 6:30 I have to admit, it was quite successful.
The anchors were hoisted with some seriously ‘gnarly’ arcade game claw action from Brytt, who managed to hook the anchor with such swift skill that 45 minutes later, we left the ActionQuest fleet in our wake. (I should mention that as one of the dubbed ‘Brits’ aboard, I’m being taught some American lingo and “gnarly” is one of my new favorite words, though I’m told I haven’t got the pronunciation right yet)
The soon-to-be-open water divers spent much of the day submerged doing skills and training in preparation for an all-important final exam in 48 hours! The rest of us enjoyed being surrounded by some lion sized tarpon, the odd lionfish, and turtles while being led by hopeful future divemaster JP. And then.. the Ocean Star 2016 music festival started around noon, with multiple DJ’s making appearances. Sounds included some “rad” slow jams, “gnarly” rock classics, “sweet” country, and, of course, the Beach Boys. Please note the festival was conducted at a respectful level so as not to anger our fellow fish neighbors.
I should mention that today was my 18th Birthday, and if you didn’t think my day could’ve been any more “gnarly,” “rad,” and “fantabulous” (I doubt it), we ended it with the softest, most melt-in-the-mouth chocolate sponge cake ever created!
Tomorrow we’re off to Spanish Town for an important stop to check out of the BVI at customs and immigration, but more importantly, to laugh at our sea-legs attempting to work on land before starting our first over-night sail to Nevis.