Location: Savannah Bay

Admittedly, waking up this morning was not the easiest of tasks. Many of us experienced our first anchor watch last night, where we were assigned one hour throughout the night to get up on deck, sit under the stars, and ensure the boat stays anchored without dragging. Time on deck is extremely peaceful and serene, but it makes it a little hard for everyone to get out of bed. However, we were immediately jolted awake when we jumped into the Caribbean waters at 7 am to complete our swim test (4 laps around the boat and five minutes of treading). Then, after stuffing our faces with muffins and eggs, we split into two groups. Those of us who were already dive certified had a bit more free time, filled with a hike, diving, knot tying, and learning to drive our dingy. Those of us who had not been certified completed a series of 5 PADI videos and quizzes. Most importantly, though, we got the chance to hop in the sea right next to a beautiful beach and complete our confined waters courses, practicing important skills for our later, deeper dives. AKA, we finally got the chance to scuba dive and breathe underwater!!! Taking my first breath underwater was more amazing than words can ever express. We all came back to the boat with a sense of accomplishment, we enjoyed our saltwater showers, and we hastily scarfed down our Alfredo Pasta dinner. Now, as things wind down, we are all getting excited to set sail to Mt. Point tomorrow! But before bed, we have our Emergency First Responder class to take, and we have to check the anchor watch list. Hopefully, it will be another tranquil night of stargazing without any anchor dragging!