Location: Las Palmas, Canary Islands

This morning the crew of Argo woke up to the sweet smell of my personal favorite breakfast food, Coffee. There is nothing like starting your day off by eating a nice sugary cake in the middle of the Canary Islands. After breakfast, the crew was given free time to go explore Las Palmas and also given the option to stay back on the boat and help with the heavy maintenance that Argo requires. The jobs included cleaning out the engine room, scrubbing and waxing the hull, and other various cleaning jobs on deck. I decided to give something back to beautiful Argo and help scrub and wax the hull. You really don’t appreciate what she goes through until you are in a dinghy wading alongside her massive hull, scrapping dried milk off with your nails. I will never dump food over her windward side ever again. I can tell you that for sure. Other things the crew did were finding a nice beach with nice waves and beautiful Spanish girls sunning themselves in the afternoon heat. I wish I could have been in both places, but as always, it was another eventful day in the life that is Argo.