Location: Atlantic Ocean

Ahoy ;P
Starting the day off strong with Watch Team 3 serenading everyone as wake-up calls. Honestly, it felt like a fever dream. Especially after a long night on watch talking all things music to Kiss, Marry, Kill while huddled up around the light at the helm, like moths to a flame, lol. The days on passage have been starting to blend together, but, if anything, bringing us closer together as a crew and soon-to-be family. I’d say the biggest struggle is making sure all your sunscreen is blended in before somebody else does it for you and making sure you’ve got on the right SPF. The Atlantic sun does NOT play around, skip reapplying after a few hours and your shoulders/nose are toast. Classes today were as entertaining as ever, from learning about water salinity in Oceanography to an on-deck fiasco of Seamanship Jeopardy (things got competitive real quickly). The stakes were high as winners would earn candy, the power of knowledge, and shaving Jake’s back hair. Unfortunately, they only got 2 of the three things; I’ll leave you’ll to guess which onesfinishing the day off as a Win with some spicy chili and honey butter with cornbread. I’d say it was another successful day of sailing on Vela. ALSO February 14th is right around the corner, make sure to send a virtual valentine. I’m sure we could all use a little love from home, St Helena, in three days!!

P.S. This is my personal apology for my cooking as head chef tomorrow. There are not a lot of ways to make Bean Salad taste as enticing as it sounds.