Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 14, 18*26.75' N 49*44.50' W

Day 14 of passage started with a beautiful sunrise and cereal for watch team two on the 6-9 watches. Watch Team 3, who got the captains breakfast, then took the helm. Kevin makes breakfast for each watch team once on the passage, consisting of eggs, bacon, and toast. After watch, we had a delicious pad Thai made by our head chef Tacha. We then followed our normal class schedule, with marine biology and then PSCT. After that, we had showers and then got ready for boat prom! Boat Prom was organized so that when we changed our clocks, the extra hour we had would be used for boat prom. For squeeze, we talked about our favorite school dance experiences and then had an amazing chicken pot pie. Right after cleanup, Prom began! Everybody took to the salon and got our hour of dancing while leaning from side to side. Veronica successfully crowd-surfed, and Hilary and Townes danced in the center of the circle. The night ended with Watch Team 1 taking over and everybody else going to sleep.