Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 15, 17*06.57'N 52*32.48' W

Today we caught a Mahi Mahi, a great bounty from the sea that we are all thankful for. It will be feeding us protein in a couple of days when we are low on other meats. Most of us overlooked Ben and Bryant as they filleted the majestic blue-green fish. In addition to cutting the choice meat, they cut out the fishs eyes, stomach, and gill rakes so we could have an impromptu science class with Jess. We discovered that the fish had not eaten anything recently when we cut open its empty stomach. No wonder the poor fella chomped onto our bait.
In the evening, all of us gathered for a delicious Thanksgiving meal provided by todays chefs and many others who pitched in to help. We got to fill our bellies with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, chicken legs, and croquettes. To top it off, we ate a delectable pecan and walnut pie. The crust on top was cut into festive turkey shapes, and the filling dripped with sugary goodness. We may have missed our family traditions today, but we were all happy to share this special day amongst friends. It seems fitting in the spirit of the holiday to share the meal with 30 other strangers that are now becoming a family only 500 miles left to Dominica.