Location: Dominica

This morning started at six in the morning for most people, as they got an early start for the boiling lake hike. After a short van ride into the mountains, the trailhead appeared, and the hike began. If you think of Pirates of the Caribbean, then you can picture how beautiful and majestic this island is. Fun fact,… Most of the movie was shot on the island, with a few scenes shot at the beginning section of the hike in the gorge. After scaling up through the lush rain forest, the trail scaled a knife-edge ridge with views out to the ocean on one side and the steam from the boiling lake on the other. The trail then loops down and around through the valley of desolation before reaching the boiling lake, which is now the largest active boiling lake in the world. We even got to bathe in some hot springs on the way and cover ourselves in the sacred mud. If you notice in the picture, Pancho, one of our local guides, boiled some eggs for us in a pan, putting them right in a small portion of the thermal creek! Pretty Sweet!
A few shipmates and staff that opted out of the hike went provisioning. Instead, this included me. Not many people were selling at the fruit market because it is a Tuesday, and their money-making days are Friday and Saturday. We completed the majority of the shop at Save a Lot then made a quick stop at White Castle, another supermarket, before returning to the boat to put all the groceries away. The happy hikers returned to Argo around 6, tired, sore, full of memories, and knowing that they had completed a tough hike with many beautiful sights. Dive day tomorrow!