Location: Dominica

Waking up for watch at 3 am was a little different than it has been for the last 19 days because we could see land (well, at first, we could only see a few lights from nearly 35 miles away)! We finally made it to the Caribbean after 19 days at sea! The excitement was indescribable! As the sleeping watches slowly trickled up on deck to observe land, their faces revealed accomplishment along with the look a 5-year-old had before opening presents on their birthday. After our exciting 3-6 am watch, we got a little bit more sleep before we started a long afternoon of boat appreciation. We did a full deck wash, galley clean, topsides clean, boat polish, inventory of food supply, floor clean, and cabin clean. Argo was great to us across the ocean and over the last 80 days, and she deserved a thorough cleaning. After a long day of boat appreciation, we were rewarded with some well-earned free/shore time to call home and explore Dominica. We then ate dinner and spent the night out at Dive Dominica, celebrating our completed transatlantic ocean crossing. After a fun and enjoyable first afternoon and night back on land, we headed back to Argo for the night in a Caribbean rain shower.